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This virtual tour lets you virtually walk through the State Rooms.

Burghley House

England’s greatest Elizabethan house now has a virtual tour through all the Staterooms.

After 18 months in the making April 2015 saw the launch of this, our most advanced virtual tour yet.

IMG_5654The final product is a complete walk-through of the 17 Staterooms accessible to visitors. Unlike other tours of similar properties, Burghley’s tour has a hotspot on every object visible in the rooms. We were commissioned to photograph the objects and then add the detailed descriptions provided by Burghley’s highly experienced Curator. Some examples of the products can be seen here on the Photography side of our website.

Not only is this a great preview to entice you to visit but it serves a valuable tool to view on site as it allows you to click on any painting and find out who created it, what it was titles and a wealth of other interesting information.

Setting the bar!

Our thanks go to Burghley for entrusting us with this groundbreaking project that certainly sets the bar for how interactive and informative a virtual tour really can be!

Visit their website

View the 360º virtual tour (follow the arrows or use the menu)

Will it put visitors off?

I’ve never for a minute thought this but it’s a fear some businesses have, if they put a tour online visitors won’t come.

Burghley, as part of a soft launch sent the link to several hundred supporters on their email list along with a questionnaire. One of the questions was ‘do you think a tour like this would put first time visitors off coming to Burghley?’ and I was delighted to read that 100% of them said No, they didn’t believe it would!

Our Virtual Tour has not only added hugely to our Website, it is also proving to be a really useful asset for scholars, art historians and collectors.

Jon Culverhouse, Curator

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