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Schools, Colleges & Universities all need great photography!

This is my main area of expertise. Over the past 8 years I have visited around 300 schools, colleges and universities capturing images of the life going on.


I don’t think it’s too presumptuous to consider myself an expert in this field, it’s been my profession for almost a decade and I don’t get bad feedback. Only yesterday a school received their photos and the email came back just saying “These are amazing!”

You will find any number of photographers that will come in for a day and take snaps but if this is for your online/offline marketing material make sure the images do you justice.


Why not combine photography with a virtual tour and let me cover both in the same visit? I happily cover the country photographing people one day at a time but if we can combine the two services then I’ll stay over somewhere local and offer you a discounted rate for the full package.


I’ve turned up to enough schools to know it’s a stressful task organising a photographer for the day, especially if it’s someone you haven’t worked with before. Who’s coming, what kit will they have, how disruptive will they be, will they be friendly, have I thought of everything! Yes, it all races through your mind and I do my very best to ensure that you’re ready¬†and prepared up front.

I can send over examples for you to pass around, I’ll break down a typical day with guidelines of how long should be ideally allowed in each scenario and I’m always available on the phone to answer as many questions as you can think of. I always say to new clients ‘call as much as you like!’ I’d rather someone be over prepared than have given it no thought.

What next?

This area of the site will develop with case studies and more examples of my work but for now it’s the images below. Please give me a call if you’d like to know more and get a quote for coming to your place of education either on a one-off basis or on an annual retainer.

"These photos are amazing!"

Ashmole Academy

Working with Smart Photography was a real pleasure. Adrian had a wonderful rapport with our pupils which brought out the best in them. The result was a huge selection of fantastic photographs that have been one of the real talking points of our new website.

Kimbolton School

Great photography is central to all of our marketing materials, online and offline, and Adrian has provided us with imagery that is impactful, compelling and memorable; exactly what our Schools need to stand out to prospective parents.

Stamford School

...the photography is superb!

Sylvia Young Theatre School

I just wanted to thank you for all the work your photographer, Adrian, has done with us. We have been so impressed; he is incredibly easy to work with and has produced some excellent photos for us. In particular we are really impressed by how he puts the students at their ease and gets the best out of them.

Jack Hunt School

school photography

school musician - photo shoot

school sports - photo shoot

school photo shoot

school photo shoot

School photograph - cricket

School photograph - science

School photograph - science experiment

Fun science

Photographing an artist

teaching sport

Studying - lifestyle photo

violin photo

teacher and student in photo


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