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Gloucester College

Have you considered the benefits of a tour for SEN purposes?


We hadn’t if I’m honest but that’s exactly what Gloucester College wanted for their two campuses in Gloucester and Cheltenham. This wasn’t to be a marketing tool primarily but an aid for prospective students with autism so they could virtually visit the school before hand and feel more comfortable about the transition.

The tours were designed with a wealth of content including photos and videos that really help bring the college to life.

One of the big features of this tour is that it can be viewed through VR Goggles creating a truly immersive experience.

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View the 360┬║ virtual tour

Our virtual tours have created a real stir. We are fortunate to have extensive and very beautiful grounds and the tours certainly show them at their best. After some careful planning, each one was extremely quick to shoot, causing the absolute minimum of disruption to the school day. They have proved to be a popular addition to our website and really bring our school to life on screen.

Alison Ainsworth, PR & Communications Manager