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Harbour Hotel, St Ives

A gorgeous hotel in one of my favourite spots of the UK.

Hotels have seemed an obvious fit for my virtual tours and yet it’s not been easy over the years to get much of a foot in the door. Will, from Harbour responded to an introductory email and I visited the following week to create a proof virtual tour of their hotel in Christchurch. He loved it and signed up for all their hotels and wedding venues. St Ives, like the other hotels have seen huge benefits from the tours in terms of increased bookings and another level of customer service that makes their guests feel even more at ease when they arrive as they feel like they’ve already visited.

This is my favourite!

Of all the Harbour hotels this one is my favourite. Partly because I adore St Ives and it has a wealth of memories for me, partly because Rachael my wife joined me for a few days when I was shooting here but mostly because of the Manager Peter. I have never felt so welcomed and spoilt as I did staying here and I know it flowed from Peter. I hope they need some alterations to the tour soon so I can have another excuse to stay there 😉

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One unique feature we introduced for Harbour is the ability link through to their booking page. Take a look, it’s another example of how we are pioneering in virtual tours and truly thinking outside the box when we meet each and every client.

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They love the tours!

Rach joining me

All ready to go

That's Amazing!!!

Will Howard, Marketing Manager

Thank you for the work so far, the tours are already proving to be very popular, and I know the wedding venues will be amazing too!

Will Howard, Marketing Manager

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