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One of the best school virtual tours on the internet!

Kimbolton School

Not many schools have their own castle and grounds like these as you can see from their virtual tour.

Not only are Kimbolton a favourite client because of the gorgeous surroundings we get to work in but we’ve built up a great relationship with the school and not only look after the tour but regularly visit to update their photography. In fact this year Adrian went in and spent a day with the marketing team teaching them how to take better photos.

The tour was cleverly constructed to feature just the external areas which has meant it hasn’t dated as we simply update the hotspot photos. The tour had a major redesign last year to coincide with the launch of their new website. We always do our best to take the design elements of your site and use that as our starting point for your tour.

You’ll notice as well in the high street that we used a high-level tour, giving  a unique perspective and allowing you to see further along the road.

This is one of my favourite tours for a favourite client!

Visit their website
View the 360º virtual tour

Our virtual tours have created a real stir. We are fortunate to have extensive and very beautiful grounds and the tours certainly show them at their best. After some careful planning, each one was extremely quick to shoot, causing the absolute minimum of disruption to the school day. They have proved to be a popular addition to our website and really bring our school to life on screen.

Alison Ainsworth, PR & Communications Manager

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