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We do more than just the other categories…

Please bear with us as this site is in it’s infancy we have grouped together the main categories we cover but until we break down these other areas I’ve added some examples here to show the flexibility we offer.


Some photographers like to specialise in one genre and really master it but I’m afraid I don’t like the idea of being restricted as I enjoy the challenge of something new.

If you have a project in mind and think you’d like to give us a go please get in touch and I’ll let you know if I think I can help you. I certainly won’t blag it and pretend I have experience if I don’t.

What next?

Over the coming months the photos in this area will break out into their own genres but for now take a look at the examples below by clicking on them and please get in touch with any photography requirement you may have.

Promotional photoshoot

lifestyle photography - coffee shop

Motorhome - photoshoot

Motorhome - photoshoot

Motorhome interior - photoshoot

Staff photos

Lifestyle photography - laughter

Graduation Photo

concert photography-drumming

Concert Photography - Lead Guitar

Concert photo - full stage

Concert Photography - Lead Singer

Photo of musician

Hospital photo shoot

Photography in hospital

Promotional photography - Canal boat hire

Car photography example - steering wheel

Car photography example

Car photography example

Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography - party!

Photography for CD sleeve

Photoshoot for album cover

Photography for musicians album

Album cover photoshoot

Magician photoshoot

Photographing a magician


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