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Our largest school virtual tour to date!

Solihull School

A leading coeducational independent school situated on 65 acres of land near the centre of Solihull.


We were involved in this project through our strong relationship with e4education, a leading provider of school websites.
As it was such a large project we visited and walked the site deciding which areas needed including and how they would link together. A map was drawn by one e4education’s designers and we mocked up a screenshot of how the tour would work.

Fake skies

Over the two day’s shooting the sky was overcast and I was asked half jokingly whether I could clone in some fluffy clouds. As you can see from the before and after shot here we did exactly that!


It was a real pleasure working with the team at Solihull and I look forward to visiting them again in the future.

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From start to finish our partnership with Smart Virtual Tours was a really positive one. Adrian was extremely professional and personable from moment one and nothing was too much trouble, from original ideas to completed product. I can state categorically that both prospective parents/pupils as well as our existing clientele are full of praise for our virtual tour, its simplicity, intuitive navigation and the astonishingly clear, 360º representation of our site and facilities - all parties regularly comment that viewing the tour is the next best thing to actually being here and all that visit have always checked us out via the VT homepage button first. A virtual tour from Smart Virtual Tours is a must for any forward-thinking, progressive school, intent on marketing themselves in the best way possible.

Sean Morgan, Senior Deputy Headmaster

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