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Stamford Endowed Schools

Three schools catering for children aged 2-18 set in one of the prettiest towns in England.

I know I keep saying this but Stamford are another favourite client!

Like Kimbolton School we have built up an enviable relationship with the school and are now their ‘go-to’ photographer whenever a big event comes up. The virtual tour itself underwent a facelift last year as the school had a new website and it’s important that the tour sits right along the site with the same styles and fonts.

Custom Navigation

As the three schools are spread out throughout the town a map wasn’t an option for the navigation so a custom popup menu was chosen instead.

High-Level Scenes

The tour features a high-level scene at the junior schools giving an otherwise impossible view over tall hedges to the hockey pitches.

Large photo popups

The photo hotspots look stunning with almost fullscreen images and descriptions. All our tours will be going this way from now on.

Our greatest challenge to date!

As the image below shows you, one of the scenes was shot from the centre of the swimming pool!
Michael (Marketing Manager) came to me explaining that they had opened a state of the art sports centre and wanted to discuss how we could capture the pool area. I knew what he was thinking and wouldn’t really have settled for anything less myself but yes, I had to put on my swimming shorts and shoot the scene from the centre of the pool with students swimming towards me.
It was certainly a challenge but what a buzz I got from seeing it come together and knowing we had captured something truly unique!

I wonder what will be next…

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View the 360º virtual tour

The virtual tours add another dimension to our web presence, giving parents and pupils a sense of the fabric of the Schools before they make their first visit. The shoots have always been simple to organise and of little disruption to lessons, and Adrian is adept at getting the pupils to forget the camera is there, so that natural-looking images are achieved. I am very happy to recommend Adrian and Smart Virtual Tours to any other school, college or university.

Michael Deoraj, Marketing Manager

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