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VantageĀ Motorhomes

A true market leader in their industry.


IĀ met Scot from Vantage at the NEC in 2013. I was introducing Smart Virtual Tours and he nearly bit my hand off. Over that show weekend he’d had several customers saying ‘why don’t you put virtual tours on your website!’ They were living down south and couldn’t travel to Leeds to visit Vantage and were pushing him to make tours available. For me that’s gold when someone’s customers are asking for tours.

Since the first set of tours were created Scot has had us in annually to ensure what he has on the website is up to date and accurate. We’ve improved the tours too and now I mask out the windows and drop in an attractive summer scene. This means the tours can be shot on site without the need to drive to an attractive location.


Scot has been a perfect customer. He is forward thinking and drives us to be always thinking what can we add in next!

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